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Proactive screening instead of post-trauma care.

Intelliscreen is a health risk-assessment platform that maps real-time medical data, front-end screening and AI algorithms to quickly, efficiently, consistently, and accurately assess patients.

We enable fast access to assessment and care remotely or even virtually.

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in an affordable and scalable way, using cloud-based technology to capture, store and automatically triage patient profiles.

Even a comprehensive health service faces challenges;

  • Patients present post trauma
  • Appointments currently at a premium
  • Over-stretched care workers and medical staff

How Intelliscreen can help:

  • Faster assessment and more comprehensive results
  • Nurses and care workers can do these primary assessments
  • Data, AI and 1:1 assessment give more reliable consistent results
  • You can target those most at risk

Real Impact

The Intelliscreen Difference towards a Digital Health Service

Pre-condition assessment and evasive medication can have a real impact

  • UK Healthcare bill is £143 billion per annum* (pre-covid)
  • Of which nearly 70% is spent on chronic diseases and mental health.
  • And 17% is spent is on diabetes
  • Highest cause of death in the UK is heart disease and strokes
  • One in every 4 British citizens has a mental health condition* (pre-covid)

The healthcare burden can be dramatically changed with a proactive Intelliscreen approach.

  • Enhance the NHS plan for “Digital-first primary care” to give every patient access to fast and accurate primary care and even target those most at risk
  • Empower alternate care facilities such as pharmacies and care workers to provide remote and accurate consultations and outpatient services

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